Convex and Solid Voids is in active development. We are aware of certain errors that may occur and will strive to fix them as soon as we can.

1- If the QGIS plugin does not install properly, or you do not see the algorithms in the menus or Processing Toolbox after installation, this is normally due to restrictive security settings in certain Windows systems. Please uninstall the plugin and quit QGIS. Open QGIS ‘as an administrator’. You should now be able to install the plugin correctly.

2- If the QGIS algorithms fail with an error stating something such as “Algorithm grass7:v.generalize no found”, this means that your GRASS provider is disabled. This has been known to occur in new Windows installs of QGIS. Simply open the Plugin Manager and search for ‘grass’. Make sure that ‘GRASS GIS provider’ is enabled.

3- If the QGIS algorithms fail with an error stating something ending with “.gpkg not found”, this means that QGIS was not able to write its temporary files to the system. This has been known to happen in Windows Home systems with non-ASCII characters in the user folder or restrictive security settings. This is an upstream issue with QGIS – we are investigating possible solutions.

4- If you notice issues or failures while running the analysis in Grasshopper / Rhino, most of the time this is due to inadequate splitting of the main triangular mesh. Please confirm that each shapefile of the triangular mesh consists of a continuous mesh, and that there are no duplicate polylines when all layers are compared together.