Convex and Solid-Voids


Convex and Solid-Voids is a research project developed by the Design Computing Group at Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon.

Convex voids are 3d representations of open urban spaces auto-generated based on the input of surrounding buildings, topography and other urban limits. They are utilized to measure multiple morphological attributes regarding urban spaces and are aggregated to form Solid-Voids which act as containers for this data.


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Cavic, L., Sileryte, R. & Beirão, J.N., 2017. 3D-INFORMED CONVEX SPACES – The Automated Generation of Convex Representation for Open Public Space Analysis. In 11th International Space Syntax Symposium. Lisbon.

Beirão, J. N., Chaszar, A., & Cavic, L. (2015). Analysis and Classification of Public Spaces Using Convex and Solid-Void Models, 102.

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