A mix of interpersonal and technical abilities is required to ensure effective project management. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI)’s Pulse of the Profession 2020 survey business leaders emphasized organization agility, making the right choices, using the right tools and securing relevant skills as essential to success. PMI provides Project Management Professional (PMP), useful certifications that can help you improve your skills.

Experts say the ability to be a “jack-of-all-trades” and the ability to work in gray areas are essential for top project managers. To be able to maintain these traits, you need an abundance of energy and stamina as well as the ability to manage conflict.

Project management experts emphasize the importance of communicating. They believe that the best project managers can effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders in a timely way. They also can quickly identify issues that could affect the team and resolve quickly.

Successful project managers are able to assign work according to their understanding of team members’ capabilities. They can also conduct accurate risk assessments and quickly analyze alternatives to cost/benefit tradeoffs.

Insuring that stakeholders are in agreement prior to the beginning of a project can help to avoid delays later. It also enables project managers to reduce the impact of bureaucratic reluctance and establish realistic expectations for project completion. Effective project managers are also aware of the importance of the team members being praised and sharing credit for success. This can allow the team members feel empowered and motivated.

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