As M&A deals continue to take longer board room and more due diligence is demanded of target companies, the requirement for the use of a virtual data room is more vital than ever. Dealmakers find that the initial quote they receive for the virtual data room usually is not in line with the final invoice. In fact, in certain cases, the per-page or per-user price quoted may end up being many times (and sometimes 10x) higher than the amount they originally anticipated. This discrepancy can be attributed to complicated pricing models, as well as additional features and services not needed to complete the project.

Pricing models for virtual data rooms can vary widely, from fees determined by the number of pages used, to recurring fees based on storage capacity. This is why it’s vital to determine the scope of a project prior to selecting a VDR solution. The number of users, the number of projects and the duration of projects are all factors that could affect the price of the virtual data room will cost.

To make the best choice make sure you consider your specific business requirements as well as the benefits of various products available on market. For example, if you require integrations with existing systems to speed up workflows, or if expert technical support 24/7 is a must for your team, this will add to the overall cost of a solution.

A subscription plan is a great option for companies that have various requirements or cannot anticipate future data storage needs. This pricing plan allows for a set amount of storage as well as unlimited users and an adjustable time frame for preparation to meet the needs of your business.