Smartroom is a solution for software that enables secure file sharing and simplifies M&A due diligence. It also assists in enhancing business processes, improve workflow, and reduce costs.

SmartRoom provides a variety of reasons for users to use their service. They provide a dedicated project manager and a speedy upload rate of up to a few megabytes per second, and multi-layered security. On their website, they provide a knowledge base that includes frequently asked questions and a guide for users. They also offer support 24/7 via contact and phone numbers.

Smartroom data room benefits include a customizable, watermarked watermark to deter those with doubtful intentions from downloading files. Administrators can also revoke access to documents, even if they’ve already been downloaded. Finally, smartroom includes built-in redaction and DocuSign integration, easing the process of handling sensitive information and securing documents electronically.

Despite these security features, Smartroom is a budget-friendly virtual storage space that is ideal to small and mid-sized businesses. You can test the product for free to determine whether it’s the right choice for you. In addition, they offer many other beneficial features, such as Q&A sections, protected links and multilingual support. They also have certificates from Netragard as well as the AICPA and other organizations to demonstrate their commitment to security. They are among the most trusted choices for businesses that require to store and exchange sensitive information.