When watching any media it is easy for viewers to form expectations based upon the past. This can lead to feeling disappointed when something doesn’t meet those expectations. Cross Game is a shounen which shows that even an easy story of baseball and love can have an unforgettable ending.

The main characters are unique in their own way from the four sisters who live on the street, to Ko’s best friend Daiki. This small cast is what makes the show so unique capable of bringing the character of each and ambiance to every scene that they are in. Their characters allow them to tackle the themes of love and death easily giving them a more empathetic impression than you’d expect from a typical shonen.

What is it that makes Cross Game really stand out is that it knows what it wants to be focused on. The characters are well-developed, yet there aren’t many dramas or surprises in every episode. This gives the viewers the chance to enjoy the development of their relationship without being distracted by the need for emotional tension or a plot that is constantly trying surprise viewers with new twists and endings that leave a cliffhanger. Cross Game is a wonderful film because it avoids all of these pitfalls. The genre could use a lot more of this.