The best protection software works like a ninja, helping you discover it’s doing its work while keeping yourself out of the way. Avast is no exemption, but it can be chatty and screen notifications whenever something happens – by updating themselves to finding a piece of or spyware or obstructing an attacked website.

The solution is avast silent setting which allows you to eliminate these frustrating alerts, producing this possible to work or play games without having to be interrupted by a noisy protection program. It’s easy to enable plus the benefits are worth it, especially if most likely screen showing or , the burkha.

What is private mode in avast?

Unlike the previous Game Mode, this new feature silences unnecessary notices while working applications in full screen. It also lets you enhance the performance of preferred applications by simply clicking a slider in every application panel, picking an iphone app path, and after that ticking the Optimize performance package.

You can allow Do Not Disturb Method by hitting the Overall performance tile in the main Avast user interface, or via a short menu when right-clicking on the orange avast icon situated in the system tray (as shown below).

Just click More options to expand record of options in this mode. If you would like to disable this method, just untick the initially option classed Silent/Gaming Function. All of the other choices can be improved according on your needs, with an increase of granularity on the Notices tabs in the main Avast user interface.