There are many fabulous and meaningful traditions that can be integrated into an Asian marriage. From the bridegroom leading a procession with firecrackers and gongs to “collect” his new bride, to using her relatives affiliates help her comb her hair just before she walks down the aisle, there are many ways that lovers can add a unique touch to their big day.

One of the most prevalent elements within an Asian wedding party is red. The color symbolizes joy, fertility, and good fortune in Offshore culture and it is often found in the bridal gown, decorations, and invitations. The double happiness symbol, also known as Xi Xi, is another commonly used aspect in Asian marriages to represent love, a harmonious relationship, good fortune, and wealth.

Moreover to crimson, other colorings like gold are often times associated with prosperity and good fortune in Asian cultures. Adding these types of shades to your interior decoration and invitations can also add a luxurious and elegant touch.

The monster and phoenix are two popular mythical creatures that represent wealth and power in Chinese customs. Embroidered monster and phoenix az symbols are well-known in wedding ceremonies, and can be seen at the bride’s gown, in floral arrangements, or as headpieces inside the bride’s locks.

A large number of Chinese and Korean wedding ceremonies include a tea ceremony the place that the couple serves tea to their parents, granparents, family, and pals. The traditions is intended to show appreciation to the bride’s and groom’s parents pertaining to raising all of them, and also to want them health and longevity in their marriage. During this ceremony, the couple also exchanges red envelopes filled with money since an auspicious gesture.